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Case Studies

Static Testing

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What is Static Testing?

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- It is manual review of the code or documentation by independent team

- As well as includes feedback and suggestion discussion session

Why Static Testing is important?

- Less time and effort due to early stage detection

- Decreased SDLC cost and high quality

What we offer?

- Manual review of the code, software requirement specification (SRS), etc.

- You can send us a request form to tell us about your product, as well as get more detailed information.

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Dynamic Testing

What is Dynamic Testing?

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- It is manual or automated testing of a seperate module/unit or the whole system

- Detected bugs are being reported to developer team and discussed accordingly

- Dynamic Testing can be functional and non-functional, depending on the requirement.

Why Dynamic Testing is important?

- Detects complex and difficult bugs

- Prevents high cost product modification

- Reduces the risk of malfunction

- Provides better security

What we offer?

- Functionality, Performance and Localization testings

- Please fill the form according to your product specifications and we will contact you with the best possible offer

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Long Term Package

- In this package we offer long-term cooperation

- Best suits those who wants to start development or testing from scratch

- Throughout the SDLC we will provide QA service to obtain high quality product 

- Please fill the form via the button below to get the detailed information or schedule a call